6. 6. 2013 9:48

Before you go on summer job abroad…

A seminar organised by Eurocentre Prague took place on 6 June in the European House. Opening presentation was given by Ms Andrea Vega, EURES advisor for Prague, and it was focused on summer jobs within the European Union. EURES service is cooperating with the respective EURES advisors within the European Union or directly with employers. Most of the Czech applicants are heading towards Denmark, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom. Summer jobs are mainly in realms of gastronomy, agriculture or holiday resorts animation programmes.

As a second speaker, Ms Jana Koňasová attended and presented opportunities in the realm of voluntary work within the European Union during summer holiday. There are three main types of voluntary projects – short-term (14-21 days), middle-term (1-3 months) and long-term (more than 3 months). The aim of all of them is to work on a specific project free of salary. The participant can get experiences, improves the knowledge of English, gets to know new friends and in the free time explores the culture of the target country. Approximately 800 persons per year is taking part on voluntary projects all over Europe, mainly in Germany, France and Italy.

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