2. 8. 2013 10:15

Can the Danube Region Strategy provide tools for prevention of flood risks?

Hungarian delegation led by the Government Commissioner for Danube Strategy Balázs Medgyesy visited the Office of the Government on 2nd August 2013 in order to hold working consultations on possible measures that could be carried out in the framework of Danube Region Strategy vis-?-vis the prevention of flood risks. At the meeting, experts on floods protection from Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, and River Morava Basin Authority participated, as well as representative of Ministry of Regional Development, who provided insight on possible sources of financing from the EU cohesion policy and on the progress of preparations of the implementation scheme for using the EU Funds after 2013.

Objective of the meeting was to exchange experience and information from the course of extreme floods that hit the region during last decade, i.e. in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2013. Based on this information, which will be provided also by other countries located in Danube basin, including its inflows, evaluation study of risks and needs will be elaborated. The future common Action plan for flood risk management should then cover the question of financial resources too. The Danube Region Strategy could in this context provide a new added value on the basis of acquired experience.

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