6. 6. 2013 10:45

Phone Call of the State Secretary V. Belling to Commissioner J. Hahn

On Thursday 6th June 2013, the State Secretary for European Affairs Vojtěch Belling made a phone call to the Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn, whose aim was to discuss the possibilities of use of some tools that could help the Czech Republic to deal with the consequences of floods. The main subjects of discussion were the use of financial resources from the EU Solidarity Fund and the increasing of flexibility in the use of funds under cohesion policy through the n +3 rule. The introduction of this rule would give the Czech Republic a possibility to use the resources allocated to particular year, even in the next three years, which would broadly expand the possibilities of their use for stripping of flood damage. Regarding this issue the Czech Republic prepared and presented an initiative which is currently supported also by six other Member States.

Commissioner J. Hahn expressed his understanding for the situation in the Czech Republic, assured the State Secretary V. Belling on readiness of the European Commission to do everything necessary to help to remedy the situation. Proposal of the Czech Republic concerning flexibility in spending of EU funds understands Commissioner as a possible response to current flood events, which must be further discussed and for which must be obtained the necessary support of other Member States.

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