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15. 6. 2016 11:19

Minister Dienstbier congratulated the winners of the ‘Graduate’s Thesis on Gender Equality’ competition

On Tuesday June 14th, 2016 the Gender Equality Unit of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic organized a conference on the occasion of the ceremonial announcement of the results of the competition ‘Graduate’s Thesis on Gender Equality’, initiated by Jiří Dienstbier, the Minister of the Czech Republic’s Government for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Legislation, and Chairman of the Government Legislative Council.

The Competition was organized by the Gender Equality Unit within the scope of the project Domestic and Gender-based Violence / Mainstreaming Gender Equality and Promoting Work-Life Balance funded by Norway grants. The submitted Bachelor’s and Master’s theses were evaluated by two evaluation committees, each composed of three gender equality experts. The main topic of the competitions was gender equality in the two following areas: domestic and gender-based violence, and work-life balance.

“I believe gender equality is  crucial for a democratic society. Therefore I am glad that we are successful in connecting with the academic sphere. It is important that young people are concerned with gender equality and I hope that their numbers will grow,” the Minister stated on the occasion of the announcement of the results.

Lucia Zachariášová from the Gender equality Unit and Zdeněk Sloboda from Palacký University in Olomouc opened the conference. The winners of the competition presented their theses in the following panels: Gender equality in the labor market and in businesses, Gender equality in the private and public sectors, and Upcoming challenges to gender equality. The conference also provided space for discussions between the presenting winners, representatives of the public sector, academia, non-governmental sector, and the general public. The points of discussion included gender segregation in the labor marker, the gender pay gap, accessibility of care providers, or the inclusion of men in gender equality efforts. To close the conference, Radan Šafařík from the Gender Equality Unit summarized the outcomes and recommendations for the public sector, academia and the non-governmental sector which were brought up during the discussions. After that, Minister Jiří Dienstbier presented his final words, congratulated the winners of the competition, and awarded them with certificates of accomplishment.

The following theses were awarded a prize:

Results in the Bachelor’s thesis category:

  • 1st place: Kristýna HondlíkováCharacter and Development of Gender Impact Assessment on the Background of the Framework of the Gender mainstreaming concept, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University
  • 2nd place: Irena LištiakováNon-Standard Forms of Work – Green Ways s.r.o. as an Example, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
  • 3rd place: Anna JaskováClerical Work – A Free Choice?, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University

In the Bachelor’s thesis category, the committee decided to award an additional Special Recognition to the following theses:

  • Lucie BohladováMotivation of Women to Enter Communal Politics: A Case Study of Olomouc, Faculty of Social Studies Masaryk University
  • Monika Laurincová – A Case Study of Day Care Centers for Children under 3 in Brno, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University

Results in the Master’s thesis category:

Joint first place:

  • Josef PetrHow to Include the Men? Project Patron - A Case Study of Engaging Men in the Areas of Civic, Public and Private Life That Need Their Deeper Participation, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University
  • Lucie PoláčkováThe Czech Encounter with the So-Called Female Circumcision, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University

With regard to the same levels of quality of the two best ranking Master’s theses, the committee awarded a joint first place to both of the above mentioned theses.

The committee did not award any special recognitions or other awards to any other Master’s thesis.

Contact details:
In case of any questions regarding the conference, the competition or its results, feel free to contact Ms. Zuzana Pavelková, pavelkova.zuzana@vlada.cz.

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