16. 3. 2017 20:03

Prime Minister Sobotka: The populists have lost in the Dutch elections, this is good news for the whole of Europe

I congratulate current Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his party on a clear electoral victory. The Dutch elections were important this time not only for the Netherlands, but for the whole of Europe and its shape into the future. It was in fact the first of a series of elections which after Brexit this year will demonstrate the balance of power between those who are building on populism and arousing anti-European feelings, aiming at the very break-up of the EU, and those who see the best path in continuing with European collaboration and at the same time improving the working of the European Union. Voters in the Netherlands have shown their strength and with an overwhelming majority have rejected populism, heightened nationalism and plans for the departure of the Netherlands from the EU, as represented by Mr Wilders’ party. Overall, parties of the centre-right and centre-left gained in the Dutch elections at the expense of the extremists.

The victory of Mark Rutte as representative of a standard democratic political party is good news and a hopeful signal for the whole of Europe. On behalf of the Czech government I look forward to collaborating with the new Dutch government coming out of these elections.

Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

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