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21. 9. 2013 23:28

Prime Minister: Transnational problems require a transnational approach and teamwork!

Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok has appointed the Opening ceremony EUCYS 2013, where he gave a short speech.

Dear EUCYS Guests,

I consider it a great honour for the Czech Republic to host the landmark 25th European Union Contest for Young Scientists.

The yearning to explore and learn – that typical human trait – has always been one of the main driving forces behind human progress. This inherent human characteristic has not always been appreciated. In fact, there were concerted efforts to stifle it at various times in history. Today, in the 21st-century, every free, democratic society fully comprehends the significance and importance of scientific research and knowledge.

Modern countries have limited material and human resources. More often than not, they can no longer enhance economic performance through the greater use of raw materials and cheap labour. New technologies, technical and organizational innovations – as products of effective investments in education, science and research – are potential sources of sustainable growth.

If the Czech Republic and the European Union are to maintain their global competitiveness long into the future, they must recognize that education and science are a matter of priority.

The contribution made by scientific probing, research and development to the quality of life is enormous. The influence they have on the way we live is just as palpable. The discovery of the effects of penicillin, the invention of contact lenses, the microchip and the internet have radically affected the development of society. Consequently, the scientific and research professions are among the highest rungs of the social ladder, which is surely encouraging news, especially for young scientists.

Some of society's major problems, such as climate change, the quest for sustainable energy sources, the supply of drinking water for the world's population and the fight against disease, are crying out for a solution. Young people have the ability to come up with new methods and apply new approaches and innovative ways of thinking, which can guide us to the result we crave. Transnational problems require a transnational approach and teamwork!

Therefore, as Prime Minister and President of the Council for Research, Development and Innovation, I am very keen on this sort of international event. I am confident that it will not only help to attract more young people to science and research, but also to promote international cooperation in this field. I firmly believe that, in this open, relaxed and creative atmosphere, you will create a platform for more great ideas, new theories and perhaps even partnerships.

I wish you no end of unforgettable experiences in Prague, our enchanting capital city.

Thank you for your attention.

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