Stanislav Štech

Stanislav Štech

From 21 June 2017, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport, from 5 December 2017 in resignation.

Nominated to the position of minister by ČSSD.

Personal details

Prof. PhDr. Stanislav Štech, CSc. was born on 23 August 1954 in Podbořany. He is married with two children.


He graduated from the Czechoslovak section of the Lycée Carnot in Dijon. He studied psychology at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts.

Professional and public activities

He has worked as Professor of Pedagogical Psychology at Charles University in Prague since 2007. For 17 years he was Head of the Department of Psychology at the Charles University Faculty of Education and between 2003–2015 served as Vice-Rector of Charles University.

He has taught at the University of Paris 8 Saint-Denis, at the Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique in Paris and the Centro Nazionale di Ricerca in Rome.

He is a member of the scientific councils of a number of faculties and universities in the Czech Republic and a member of the editorial boards of professional journals in this country and abroad. He has experience of working for the Czech Grant Agency and in a working group for psychology, pedagogy and kinanthropology under the Accreditation Commission of the Government of the Czech Republic.

He was a member of the Network of Experts in Social Sciences of Education and Training (NESSE), established by the Directorate General – Education and Culture. Its brief included drafting expert reports and conducting analyses and evaluations of research or education-related policy data.  He also acted as an institutional member of the Government Board for the OECD Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE) programme for ten years.

His research activities have involved school socialisation, the teaching profession and school psychology and, since 2004, have also taken in university policies and their research. He is the author of three monographs and over a hundred articles and studies. In June 2011 he was awarded the grade of Officer of the Order of Academic Palms for his contributions to education and training.

Since July 2015 he has served as Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR.


Active - French, English, Italian
Passive - German, Russian


Sport, language-related travel, wine culture


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