13. 12. 2021 17:56

The Government adopted Report on the Implementation of the National Reform Programme 2021

On Monday 13 December the Government adopted its Report on the Implementation of the National Reform Programme 2021. The annual Report informs about the implementation of the specific measures which were planned by the Government in the National Reform Programme 2021.

In terms of this exceptional cycle of the European Semester the National Reform Programme (NRP) was approved together with the Czech Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), on which basis the Czech Republic benefits from the new Recovery and Resilience Facility. In accordance with the Government’s priorities for this year, the NRP 2021 involved measures based on the long-term national priority and also those targeting the actual challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. These NRP measures included, inter alia, the tax policy, public support for the employment and for the sector of tourism, digitalization, or to increase a proportion of renewable sources of energy. NRP 2021 provides a broader context to the Czech RRP as well.

The Report was drafted by the Section for European Affairs of the Office of the Government in a cooperation with ministries and other state institutions. Just like in the previous years, on 5 November 2021 there was a roundtable discussion held with representatives of trade unions, business associations and other stakeholders who had an opportunity to amend a draft version of the Report.

The Report will now be sent to the European Commission as the Government’s contribution to the bilateral dialogue between the Commission and the Czech Republic on economic and social policy within the next European Semester cycle. The Commission will then use the Report as one of the inputs for preparation of its documents which are periodically published as a part of the European Semester such as the Country Reports or proposals of the Country Specific Recommendations.

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