European Policies

We understand the term European policy to be affairs which are discussed within the framework of the institutions of the European Union, whose results are binding for all Member States. They are issued through various types of binding and non-binding actions (regulations, directives, decisions, recommendations, framework decisions, etc.) Member States then work on this information and create their own positions toward it. In the Czech Republic, these affairs are handled by the government of the Czech Republic, specifically the European Policies Coordination Department. After re-examination, these positions are handed over to the corresponding ministries.

In its decision-making, the institutions of the European Union are based on its founding treaties, which include the Treaty Establishing the European Economic Community and the Treaty on European Union. On the EU level, policy is handled mainly by the corresponding Directorate General within the European Commission and individual sector Councils within the European Council and its working bodies.

European policy has various criteria for subdivision, but essentially it involves policies which are (supplemented by references to more information on individual policies):