European Affairs Information Department

The European Affairs Information Department is led by PhDr. Lucie Loskotová.
The department's main goal is to improve the quality of services provided to the public through a tool called the Integrated Information System, which includes the internet portal, the network of regional Eurocenters, and the free Eurofon information line on 800 200 200. The Department regularly organizes conferences and seminars dealing with European issues. 

The European Affairs Information Department is the main coordinator of the European Union programme "Europe for Citizens" in the Czech Republic.   

Since 2009 the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic cooperates with the Delegation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic within so-called Strategic Partnership.  

Every year the Department prepares Strategic Paper on EU Affairs Communication in the Czech Republic for 2013, which sets out the governmental communication priorities in the field of European affairs. The Strategic Paper is approved by the Committee for EU of the Czech Government and can be downloaded on the Euroskop website.

Communication priorities for 2013 are:

a) Competitive Internal Market and economic recovery;

i) Development of the Internal Market and implementation of the Europe 2020

ii) Future Multiannual Financial Framework

iii) EU Economic Governance

b) European Year of Citizens 2013;

i) Implementation of EU citizens´ rights

ii) Participation of citizens in the Union decision-making and European elections

iii) Discussion on benefits and future of the European integration

c) EU Funds

Contact for the European Affairs Information Department secretariat: ; tel.: 224 002 709.