Organisation of the Office

The Section is in charge of the coordination and analytical preparation of Czech positions in meetings at the European Union and is led by State Secretary for European Affairs.  

Milena Hrdinková
Deputy of the Section for European Affairs
European Policies Coordination Department Štěpán Černý
EU Economic Policy Coordination Department Štěpán Pech
Acting Director
European Affairs Information Department Igor Blahušiak

The Section is divided into three departments:

European Policies Coordination Department

The Department is led by Štěpán Černý who is also the Deputy State Secretary for European Affairs. As part of its coordination activities, the European Policies Coordination Department takes part primarily in the formulation, coordination and carrying out of Czech Republic policy in EU relations, the coordination of ensuring the rights and commitments stemming from the Czech Republic's membership in the EU and laying the groundwork for the activity of the Committee for the EU. The department also coordinates the preparation of mandates, instructions and positions for negotiations with EU bodies and prepares positions on individual materials. More information on the European Policies Coordination Department.

EU Economic Policy Coordination Department

The Department is led by Štěpán Pech who is acting director.

European Affairs Information Department

The European Affairs Section also fulfils an informational role. Its European Affairs Information Department, led by Igor Blahušiak, supplies the general public with information related to European Union issues through its sophisticated Integrated Information System - a network of regional Eurocenters across the Czech Republic, the free Eurofon telephone lines on 800 200 200, as well as the internet portal More information on the European Affairs Information Department.



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