This entire section was cancelled effective 31 December 2009.

The Section for the Czech Republic's Presidency of the EU was led by PhDr. Jana Hendrichová, deputy minister for European affairs. The deputy minister coordinated the activities of individual units of the Section for the Presidency and was also responsible for their activity to the deputy prime minister for European affairs. The deputy minister for the presidency directly managed the directors of the following departments:

The Department of Logistics and Organisation
The department was led by Ing. Mgr. Radomír Karlík, who coordinated the programme of preparation and execution of the presidency and the calendar of events related to the presidency. At the same time, it coordinated preparations for meetings of ministers of EU countries and meetings on lower political levels, technical and expert levels and accompanying programmes. For more information, please contact the department of logistics and organisation.

Budget and Public Procurement Department
The department was run by Mgr. David Mlíčko. The department ran thecentral section budget for events carried out in the Czech Republic and selected events abroad, and also ensured the organisation of events, tenders for the provision of all congress and conference services and other services related to the central coordination of the presidency. More information on the Department of the Budget and Public Tenders.

Communications Department
Workers in the department prepared the concept and strategy for media coverage and promotion of the Czech presidency, and at the same time prepared factual base materials for the selection of suppliers. More information on the Communications Department.

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