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5. 1. 2007 15:45

Epiphany Collection 2007

We have become used to groups of children, dressed up as the legendary Magi who came to Bethlehem to pay tribute to the newborn Child, appearing in the streets at the beginning of January, singing carols, imparting to people the joyful message of Christmas and giving them small gifts, such as sweets and calendars for the new year.

This year one such group, headed by Mr. Oldřich Haičman, Director of Czech Charity (Charita Česká republika), included also employees of the Czech Charity Secretariat. On the 4th of January they came to the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic.

The proceeds from the Epiphany Collection go to projects in aid of the sick and disabled, senior citizens, mothers with children who have found themselves in a difficult situation, and other vulnerable groups. Priority is given to projects based in the respective regions where the money is collected. At least one-tenth is devoted to foreign humanitarian assistance. One of the specific purposes of the collection in Prague is to contribute towards the costs of sheltered housing for mothers with children in distress and a week centre for older people in the Prague district of Hlubočepy, to be set up in the remodelled premises of a former kindergarten in Renoir Street on the Barrandov housing estate.

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