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3. 1. 2009 11:59

EU calls for urgent resumption of gas supply from Russia

through Ukraine to the Member States. With great concern, the Czech EU Presidency has learnt about a considerable decrease in natural gas deliveries from Russia through Ukraine to Hungary and Poland. The EU, in reaction to this situation, adopted the following Declaration:

“Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the EU on interruption of Russian gas supply through Ukraine

he European Union calls for an urgent solution to the commercial dispute on gas supplies from the Russian Federation to Ukraine, and for an immediate resumption of full deliveries of gas to the EU Member States.

Energy relations between the EU and its neighbours should be based on reliability and predictability. Existing commitments to supply and transit have to be honoured under all circumstances.

The European Union regrets the fact that assurances of the reliability of energy supply have not been met and will continue to monitor the situation closely.”

Deputy Prime Minister Alexandr Vondra, on behalf of the Czech Presidency, also stressed that the Europen Union needs to avoid similar serious difficulties in the future. “The EU will have to concentrate, among others, on a more efficient monitoring of the flow of gas through Ukraine and security of supply to the EU,” Vondra said.

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