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16. 2. 2009 12:34

Government Approves National Crisis Management Plan

At their session today(February 16), the Government Ministers, headed by the Prime Minister, have approved the Government’s National Crisis Management Plan.

The document contains measures the Premier will present in detail to the House of Deputies on Wednesday, and later at a press conference. The Government has also commissioned the Ministers of Interior and Finance to check the payment of regulatory fees in the Czech health-care system.

“The key task facing the Government’s National Crisis Management Plan is to alleviate growing unemployment and to maintain the stability of the public finances. Roughly one half of the measures have been implemented since last September to this day, and that is why we reject allegations that the Government has missed the train,“ Premier Mirek Topolánek has told a press conference after today’s Government meeting.

The National Crisis Management Plan, drawn up by the Government together with its National Economic Council, contains such measures as: social insurance rebates, faster property write-offs, expanded application of VAT deductions for cars, a lower social insurance rate, reduction of the tax burden on enterprises, lower railway charges, measures to ensure regional transport accessibility, guarantees and support for credits, lower energy consumption of buildings, support for exports, for businessmen in agriculture, investments into research and development, investments into transport infrastructure, strengthening other areas of expenditure, in 2009 self-employed and legal entities employing up to five persons will be exempted from paying income tax advances, insolvency proposals and acceleration of VAT refunds.

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