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8. 6. 2016 15:39

Premiers Sobotka and Fico discussed priorities of Slovakia´s EU presidency and joint sessions of their governments

Předseda vlády Bohuslav Sobotka se 8. června 2016 setkal v Kramářově vile se slovenským předsedou vlády Robertem Ficem.
On Wednesday 8th June, 2016, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka met in Krámář´s Villa his Slovak counterpart Robert Fico.
On Wednesday 8th June, 2016, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka met in Krámář´s Villa his Slovak counterpart Robert Fico who arrived in the Czech Republic on his first official visit abroad following his re-appointment. The main themes of their discussions were the relations between the two countries, Central-European regional cooperation and topical European issues.

The Prime Ministers agreed to continue meeting every year for joint sessions of the Czech and Slovak Governments, to discuss themes concerning individual departments relevant to the current situation, and at the same time deepen cooperation between their countries. This year the already fourth joint meeting of the two governments is to be held under the charges of the Slovak side.

“Today we discussed with Robert Fico above all Czecho-Slovak cooperation . The Czech and the Slovak Republics are historically bound within Europe by above-standard relations. We are good neighbours and friends, conducting an active and open dialogue and cooperating in a whole series of spheres on a series of  themes. Therefore I am glad that we have succeeded in establishing a tradition of joint sessions of our governments, of which this year´s fourth´s is to take place in Slovakia,” said Czech Premier Bohuslav Sobotka.

The Czech Republic will carry on holding a trilateral dialogue with Slovakia and Austria in the frame of the so-called Slavkov format, launched at the beginning of last year at the joint meeting of the three Prime Ministers in Slavkov. Since then the mutual cooperation at working level has been developing for instance in the areas of transport, education and the energy industry. At the first joint session in the tripartite arrangement, held in Bratislava in 2015, the representatives of the two countries shared their experience with the functioning of the social dialogue and measures taken in the sphere of social policy. At today´s meeting the Prime Ministers agreed to proceed from those discussions and organise another similar session in the Czech Republic.

Another of the principal themes of the meeting was Czecho-Slovak cooperation in developing the cross-border transport infrastructure. Both Prime Ministers at the same time discussed preparations for joint celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of independent Czechoslovakia, and a reminiscence of the 50th anniversary of the Prague Spring, which will take place in 2018.

The key themes dealt with by the Prime Ministers of the Czech and the Slovak Republics included topical European issues and the June session of the European Council. On 1st June, 2016, the Slovak Republic will succeed the Netherlands in officially assuming  the half-year presidency of the Council of the European Union,  for the first time since it joined EU in 2004.

“The Czech V4 presidency succeeded in formulating and asserting in the EU frame joint positions on a number of themes of the European agenda, e.g. the problems of migration, continuation of Great Britain´s EU membership, issues of the energy industry and climatic policy. At the same time, we sought to harmonise the views between the “old” and “new” EU member countries on issues which divided us. I am happy that in the year of the 25th anniversary of its existence, V4 is a strong, active and responsible actor in the region and the whole Union,” said Prime Minister Sobotka.

During their joint session the Prime Ministers also discussed the current situation on the milk a pork markets, which has been worrying farmers for a long time.

Following their meeting in Kramář´s villa, the Prime Ministers of the Czech and the Slovak Republics will participate in the summit of the Visegrad Group Premiers, held in Prague MgA. 

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