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29. 3. 2017 18:02

Prime Minister asks Ministry of Transport to prepare analysis of toll introduction on German motorways

At its meeting on 29th March 2017, the government discussed the introduction of tolls for private cars on German motorways, approved during the past week by the German federal parliament. Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka in this connection has asked Minister of Transport Dan Ťok to have his department submit to the government by the end of April materials on the impact of this legislation, and recommendations on how the Czech Republic is to react to the introduction of tolls on German motorways.

On Friday, 24th March the German federal parliament approved laws leading to the introduction of motorway tolls for private cars in Germany. Part of the proposal is measures considered by certain EU Member States to be discriminatory, since certain German citizens are absolved of the obligation to pay for the use of motorways, by having this amount deducted from their road tax.

The Prime Minister will have discussions on the introduction of tolls as part of his Monday visit to Berlin, during which he will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

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