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26. 8. 2013 18:49

Prime Minister: Government is in favour of a pro-European approach

V pondělí 26. srpna 2013 zahájil předseda vlády Jiří Rusnok poradu vedoucích zastupitelských úřadů České republiky.
On Monday 26th August 2013 Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok initiated a meeting of Heads of Czech representative offices abroad.
Prime Minister Rusnok has started his working week with a meeting with Czech ambassadors, to whom he presented the priorities of current foreign policy.

Together with Foreign Minister Jan Kohout, the Prime Minister this afternoon spoke to introduce the annual meeting of the Heads of Czech representative offices abroad.

In his speech (available here in the original Czech) the Prime Minister assured the diplomats that his cabinet would retain continuity with previous foreign policy positions. Within the EU the Czech Republic will continue to promote completion of the internal market, reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and continuation of the expansion process for the countries of the western Balkans.

Jiří Rusnok’s government has however reassessed its intention of actively supporting the British complaint over the introduction of so-called enhanced collaboration on the tax on financial transactions. “Our aim is to show support for the activities of other member states and to focus on negotiations on the proposal in question, or on the actual substance of the issue, without in advance submitting any complaints on the procedure which some countries have decided to use”, said Prime Minister Rusnok. "This is a symbolic change which shows our changed approach to the European Union”, the Prime Minister added.

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