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7. 10. 2013 20:23

Prime Minister Rusnok: Industry helps cope with the crisis

Předseda vlády Jiří Rusnok se v pondělí 7. října 2013 zúčastnil zahájení 55. Mezinárodního strojírenského veletrhu v Brně.
Premier Jiří Rusnok attended the opening ceremony of the 55th edition of the Brno International Engineering Fair on Monday, 7 October 2013.
Speaking at the 55th edition of the Brno International Engineering Fair earlier today, the prime minister stressed the importance of the manufacturing industry for the future prosperity of the Czech Republic.

According to available data, the Czech Republic is the most industrialized EU Member State from the viewpoint of the share of industrial production in the GDP. "The Czech Republic is a country whose modern history has been to an important degree formed by an industrial tradition, where manufacturing has played always played a major role in our economy," said the premier during the official opening ceremony of the traditional event.

He mentioned that countries able to rely on a strong manufacturing industry have been relatively most successful in coping with the recent recession. The Cabinet of Jiří Rusnok therefore makes every effort to promote the Czech industrial tradition, which the premier considers a viable course to future prosperity.

Trade fairs provide domestic firms with an excellent opportunity to present their products and to meet competitors from abroad. "I wish the Brno Exhibition Grounds as well as the International Engineering Fair at least as many years in the future as the number of years we are all celebrating here today," concluded the prime minister.

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