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12. 9. 2012 19:40

Prime Minister to paralympians: You are an inspiration to others

On Wednesday Prime Minister Petr Nečas met our successful paralympians. He particularly thanked the medallists from London for their excellent representation of the Czech Republic and expressed his appreciation for their determination and strength of will.

"Eleven medals is an amazing success story and you have achieved great prestige and a wonderful name not only for yourselves through your wonderful performances, but also for all our country", said Prime Minister Petr Nečas by way of introduction and appreciation for the Czech sportsmen and women who won medals at the Paralympic Games in London. "You are an inspiration for many people", he said to to the Czech representatives.

Prime Minister Petr Nečas met our successful paralympians, 14 September 2012"We greatly appreciate this reception and we are pleased that we have been able to share our results and the joy we are experiencing with the government's top representative in this important place", said Roman Suda, chef de mission in London, at the meeting. Our sportsmen only returned from London on Tuesday.

Behind your success lies tough training

The prime minister also stressed the effort involved in the journey of Czech paralympians towards sporting success. "I know what great effort and tough training you have put in in order to achieve success at such a top-level global sporting gathering", the prime minister admitted during the meeting at the Lichtenstein Palace. "I know the strength of will needed to become successful sportsmen", he added, also thanking them for their excellent representation of the Czech Republic.

The sportsmen expressed their satisfaction with both the atmosphere and the preparations for the games in London, including the considerable attention of fans and the media. "For us it is wonderful when people are able to appreciate our individual performances", said gold medallist Jiří Ježek in an informal conversation with the prime minister. "For us it is a tremendous motivation to continue in our sports careers", the sportsman added.

Prime Minister Petr Nečas then highlighted the greatest Czech sporting success of this year's Paralympic Games, that of cyclist Jiří Ježek, declared the greatest paralympic cyclist in history. "He has indeed become a sporting legend in the same league as Emil Zátopek and Jan Železný", said Prime Minister Petr Nečas of Jiří Ježek.

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