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5. 5. 2011

RFE demolished the information wall of the communist regime

“Freedom of speech is an important, perhaps the most important prerequisite for the introduction of democratic conditions,” declared Prime Minister Petr Nečas at a conference entitled “Freely!” dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Radio Free Europe.


Radio Free Europe had, according to Prime Minister Petr Nečas, an unquestionable role in changing our region for the better, thanks to its objective provision of information to millions of people in the Communist Bloc countries. He then compared its role to that of a battering ram that demolished the information wall of the communist regime.RFE demolished the information wall of the communist regime

The Prime Minister said that it was precisely the rupture of the information blockade that was the most effective medicine against folly and the greatest encouragement for the democratic yearnings of the population.

The fundamental feeling that Free Europe shared with its listeners, and they in turn with it – and which was subsequently shown to be so immensely true – was the conviction that a nation that has a clear awareness of the world and a breadth of information – no earthly power can keep such a nation on a short leash for long,” Petr Nečas declared in his speech.

The Prime Minister also reminded his audience that today the Czech Republic belongs in the category of states with the highest levels of freedom of the press. According to the latest report from the Freedom House organisation, which ranks countries according to the degree of freedom of press that they have achieved, the country is ranked near the very top. The Czech Republic even finished ahead of countries such as Great Britain, Australia and Austria

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