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21. 1. 2009 15:32

Speech by Minister Julínek at ENVI of the European Parliament

Today Minister Tomáš Julínek will introduce the priorities in the sphere of public health and the programme of the Czech Presidency based on the 18-month programme of the Trio Presidency to the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety i Brusel.

In his speech, the Minister will introduce the basic elements of the working programme of the Czech Presidency in the sphere of the protection of and support for public health to the members of the Parliamentary Committee, with an emphasis on three main priorities:

antibiotic resistance,

the financial sustainability of health systems

eHealth (electronic healthcare).

The Czech Presidency will continue discussions on the legislative proposals relating to the provision of cross-border healthcare and recommendations regarding rare diseases. At the same time, discussions will be initiated on a number of legislative proposals in the sphere of drugs, the quality and safety of organs intended for transplantations and the safety of patients, which the Committee submitted last December. The Presidency will actively focus on the theme of the financial sustainability of healthcare systems.

The Czech Presidency will present the results of its work at the meeting of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO) in June. At the end of the speech, MEPs will have the opportunity to put additional questions to the Minister. Members of the European Commission are also invited to attend the meeting.

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