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25. 2. 2009 12:03

The Prime Minister’s Bouquet of Flowers To Commemorate Jan Zajíc

Forty years ago, 19-year old Czech student Jan Zajíc immolated himself in Prague’s Václavské (Wenceslas) Square as “Human Torch No. 2“.

A bouquet of flowers with a ribbon paying homage to the heroism of Jan Zajíc was laid on behalf of Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek at the fountain in Prague’s Wenceslas Square this morning.

Already in January this year, when commemorating Jan Palach, “the Human Torch No.1“, the Premier described these acts by the young Czech students as the start to the “final stage of the defeat of the totalitarian regime“.


Since - despite Jan Palach´s act - our life is getting back into the old tracks, I have decided to arouse your consciousness as HUMAN TORCH NO. 2. I am not doing this to be mourned or to become famous or perhaps because I have gone crazy. I have made up mind to do this to make you really pull yourselves together and stop being pushed around by several dictators!“, wrote in part Jan Zajíc, a student of a transportation technical college, before his death.

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