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22. 9. 2009 12:57

The United States and the Czech Republic will continue to develop their bilateral relations

Czech Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Jan Kohout had a meeting on Monday with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Secretary of State and Mr Kohout agreed that bilateral relations are very good and the Secretary also added that the Czech Republic is a strategic alliance partner for the United States. Both partners confirmed that they are interested in reinforcing bilateral cooperation and in expanding it into other areas.

"We are agreed on the fact that our cooperation should not be limited just to military projects, but should have a distinct civilian aspect to it. We spoke about the fact that there is, for example, major scope in the area of economic projects", said Mr Kohout.

Following his meeting with the US Secretary of State, Jan Kohout also said that the joint discussions also dealt with the development of bilateral scientific and technical cooperation, for example covering space research and development. "It is my assumption that before the end of this year a strategic dialogue could take place in Prague between the Czech Republic and the United States. Through this both countries should define the specific nature of further cooperation" added Minister Kohout.

"The Czech Republic has show great willingness in the past to work with the United States on anti-missile defence. We have now changed our approach and in our view this will bring about a wider spectrum of possibilities. It will be based on a technology which can be deployed already. We will continue to work with the Czech Republic both on research and in other areas", said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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