2. 8. 2017 16:56

The Czech Republic candidacy for the transfer of EU agencies from the United Kingdom

With regard to the UK leaving the EU, it raises the matter of the transfer of European Union agencies, which currently have their headquarters within the United Kingdom, to another member state.

Kandidatura ČR na přesídlení unijních agentur z Velké Británie

At the moment, the process involves the following agencies:

  • European Medicines Agency (EMA)
  • European Banking Authority (EBA)

In order to ensure uninterrupted continuity of their operation, the transfer of these agencies to another EU member state shall be concluded at the latest by the date on which the UK leaves the EU. Transferring one of the agencies to the Czech Republic would bring a number of benefits, not only in economic, but also in political terms. In their respective fields, these agencies are prestigious institutions with links to a great variety of economic entities specialising in scientific, administrative, as well as logistic operations.

As a consequence, the Czech Republic has decided to pursue the acquisition of EBA, as it fulfils all the necessary requirements for its headquarters. The basic aspects of the Czech Republic candidacy were approved by the government on 24th July 2017. The candidacy itself, together with all the necessary documentation, was delivered to the EU authorities on 28th July 2017.

Schedule of the transfer of the European Union agencies headquarters from the UK

22nd June 2017 – Council of the European Union approved the procedure and the criteria for the candidacy of individual member states for the transfer of the EU agencies

By 31st July 2017 – member states must submit their proposals on the transfer of the EU agencies

From 1st August 2017 onwards – the member states’ proposals will be published on the European Commission website

By 30th September 2017 – European Commission shall pass the assessment of the proposals of the member states to the Secretary-General of the Council and shall subsequently publish the assessment

6th October 2017 – presentation of the European Commission assessment at the COREPER meeting (art. 50) and the presentation of the candidacy of the individual member states

17th October 2017 – political discussion among the representatives of the member states based on the assessment of individual proposals made by the European Council in the margins of the General Affairs Council (GAC) meeting (art. 50).

20th November 2017 – the decision will be taken after the vote in the margins of the GAC meeting (art. 50). The first vote will concern the headquarters of the European Medicines Agency, followed by a vote of the headquarters of EBA.

After 20th November 2017 – preparation of draft legislation necessary for the EU agency transfer by the European Commission

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