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24. 4. 2008 9:47

24 April 2008: Prime Minister Opened Exhibition of Vladimír Suchánek's Works at the Seat of the Office of the Czech Republic Government

Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek opened officially today an exhibition of lithographs of the academic painter Vladimír Suchánek in Straka Academy. “I am pleased to open another exhibition in the Government Office,” said Prime Minister in his speech, by which he opened officially the exhibition of artistic works of the world famous graphic artist Vladimír Suchánek. In his speech, Prime Minister underlined that, in addition to the wide range of other artistic works of this painter, he also appreciates his illustrations and ex libris works. “This means that top artists consider worthwhile to devote their attention to books”, stated the Prime Minister, expressing his hope that, despite electronic media, paper prints will continue to accompany the growth of new generation, enriching creativity and imagination of readers.

“I do not think that I have become a connoisseur of art. I would rather like to establish this beautiful tradition of organizing exhibitions in the premises of the Government Office, which would also exist at the time when I will no longer work in this institution,” said the Prime Minister.

At the same time, he noted that this exhibition, which humanizes the premises of the Government Office, is not designated only for ministers and public officials. “The general public is also invited to this exhibition”, said the Prime Minister, pointing out that the Office of the Czech Republic Government will allow organized groups of visitors to visit the exhibition of Vladimír Suchánek's lithograph works. If you wish to visit the exhibition, please contact by e-mail the Public Relations Department at . The opening ceremony was accompanied by a lecture of the art historian F. Dvořák and by a musical performance of the violinist V. Hudeček.

Academic painter Vladimír Suchánek was born 12 February 1933 in Nové Město nad Metují. In 1960, he graduated from Professor Vladimír Silovský's studio of the Fine Arts Academy in Prague. Vladimír Suchánek has organized 87 separate exhibitions and has participated in more than 200 collective exhibitions home and abroad. He has been awarded 18 foreign prizes and acknowledgements. His works can be found in top galleries, museums and private collections home and abroad. He is the chairman of the Association of Czech Graphic Artists Hollar. His artistic works include paintings, graphic works, book illustrations, ex libris and postal stamps. Vladimír Suchánek is one of the most prominent world representatives of modern ex libris art. His works are displayed in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague, Albertina Wien, in the Rockford Art Museum and in a number of other public and private collections in the Czech Republic and abroad. Another major hobby of Vladimír Suchánek is music. He is a founder of the musical association of graphic artists Grafičanka.

Jana Bartošová Spokesperson of the Czech Republic Government

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