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20. 8. 2008 11:06

Aug 20, 2008: Czech Government Calls for a Speedy Pullout of the Russian Federation’s Troops from Georgia

The Czech Government has called on all the parties in the Georgian conflict to keep maximum restraint. It has also decided to earmark 150 million CZK for economic reconstruction of Georgia. The Ministers have also discussed the recent train accident at Studénka, and approved an amendment to the country’s Rules of Criminal Procedure. “The Czech Republic supports the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia, including South Osetia and Abkhazia. The continuing Russian military invasion of Georgia violating the international law is unacceptable,“ Premier Mirek Topolánek has told a press conference, reading from a Government statement.  The Government supports the sending of an international mission based on an international mandate to restore and maintain peace in Georgia. “Such a mission should be made up of third countries, and the Czech Republic is prepared to participate in such a mission,“ says a statement available on the Government’s portal

At its meeting today, the Czech Government has also heard information from the Transportation Minister and Interior Minister on the recent train accident at Studénka. “We have noted that the country’s integrated rescue system has discharged its role, eliminating losses to a minimum,“ the Premier has told the press conference. The bereaved families and the wounded will receive damages from the Czech Railways.

Amendment to the Rules of Criminal Procedure to Strengthen the Position of the Prosecuting Attorney

The Government has also approved an amendment to the country’s Rules of Criminal Procedure under which the prosecuting attorney is to be made responsible for the kind of evidence to be presented in court. “Today, some prosecuting attorneys are passive and the whole process of proving guilt is left to the court,“ Justice Minister Jiří Pospíšil was quoted as telling the press conference. The Government has also approved the subject matter of new Rules of Criminal Procedure aimed at helping the state combat organized crime.

Czech Government Statement on Georgia, recording from the press conference after the Government meeting, and other information are available at this address:

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