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13. 3. 2008 10:09

March 13, 2008: Coalition Project Has a Future

At their meeting in Prague’s Kramáø Villa (Premier´s residence) last night, the officials of the Government coalition agreed on a mechanism to improve the process of implementing some areas of their joint policy statement in the time left before the end of their term of office. The representatives of the coalition parties agreed that their coalition project is viable, adding that their common interest is to enforce as much of their Government programme still before the Czech Republic commences its presidency of the EU.

Premier Mirek Topolánek noted that after a time “the system of government deserved a revision and a discussion about the functioning of the coalition - K9“. He went on to say that the partners agreed during the talks “that the project was good and that all the three parties involved would go on implementing the coalition agreement and the Government’s policy statement.“

The Premier mentioned the issue of health-care fees to demonstrate the coalition’s problem-solving mechanism. “We will not solve the problem as a matter concerning solely payments for health-care services but in a systematic way. We will set up a commission to discuss and solve the problem. The commission will then consult its solution with the Ministry of Health which submitted the original proposals,“ said the Premier. He added that the system of payments for health-care will be reviewed earlier than expected, not after six but after three months. “April is the month we are going to take a decision,“ said the Premier, and added that this “may demonstrated the coalition’s will to find a common solution, unlike the individual motions tabled by deputies in the Parliament.“
In conclusion, Premier Topolánek was quoted as saying: “I have to disappoint some people who expected the coalition to come out of these talks weaker.“

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