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28. 5. 2008 15:34

May 28, 2008: Government Approves Amendment on War Veterans; Motion to Support Regions

At their meeting today, the Czech Government Ministers have approved a proposal to grant retired servicemen a subsistence allowance. The Government has also discussed and approved investments into the development of infrastructure in regions where the company Škoda Auto operates.

“It is proposed that the Defence Ministry should use funds from its budgetary chapter to grant war veterans subsistence allowance to the same amount as that given in support of works catering from the cultural and social needs fund to old-age pensioners who were employed as professional soldiers in the Defence Ministry at the time of their first retirement as old-age pensioners or their full disability pension,“ says the Ministry in its explanatory report on the amendment.

The Government has also approved investments worth 1.4 billion CZK into the improvement of roads and the infrastructure in regions where the car-maker Škoda Auto operates. “If the company Škoda Auto obtains part of the investments amounting to several billion CZK, it will be possible to retain, reconstruct and considerably expand its third manufacturing plant at Vrchlabí, which could also positively affect creation of new job opportunities in the region,“ says the Finance Ministry, when substantiating the advantages of the investment.

The Ministers have also discussed and approved a draft Government Regulation on the implementation of special measures in combating terrorism, on free transfer of some state property managed by the Defence Ministry into the ownership of self-governing administrative units or a report on the implementation of the tasks assigned by the Government for April. Another meeting of the Czech Government is scheduled for Monday, June 2, 2008 at 9:00 a.m.

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