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5. 9. 2007 17:56

On Some of the Items of the Czech Government´s Travelling Session

The Government of the Czech Republic held its visiting session at the chateau at Spálené Poříčí today, on September 5, 2007. Given below is information on some of the key items discussed at the Czech Government meeting:

Re Item No. 2: The Government has approved a document called Release of financial means to support radio communications of the Czech Republic’s Alien and Border Police following the country’s entry into the Schengen system. A sum of 187,740 million CZK will have been released from the Government’s budgetary reserve in 2007. Using the Pegas system, the Czech Alien and Border Police unit will be able to replace its existing analog network and ensure a new scope of secured voice and data transmission services.

Re Item No. 3: The Government has approved a document entitled Provision and integration of encrypted communication means for the Gripen aircraft and securing warranty and post-warranty repairs of the Sidewinder weapons system. Acting on the strength of the Government’s decisions, the Czech Ministry of Defence will conclude a contract with the Kingdom of Sweden on the purchase and integration of these devices. By concluding contracts directly with suppliers, this country will save funds to be drawn from the Defence Ministry budget without any impact on the budget of the Czech Government.

Re Item No. 7: The Government has also approved a Directive on the negotiation of international treaties within the European Union and their domestic discussion. There are some partial changes made in the wording of the Directive, e.g. according to the new arrangements, a central state administration body, which is not headed by a Government Minister, may also be a guarantor and administrator of a treaty.

A separate press release will be issued on the items concerning the location of the radar base in the Czech Republic.

Press Department of the Government of the Czech Republic

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