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15. 4. 2008 17:02

Outcome of the State Security Council Meeting on April 15, 2008

Today’s session of the State Security Council discussed the current issues concerning the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union in the security sphere, focusing on the recent NATO summit in Bucharest. Linking up to the conclusions of the State Security Council meeting held on April 8, 2008, its members were also briefed on the course of deliberations of some particulars of the Agreement between the Czech Republic and the United States of America on the legal status of the radar station of the US Armed Forces and its personnel in the territory of the Czech Republic, known as the “SOFA Agreement“, negotiations held at the end of last week. In this context, the State Security Council has vehemently denied yesterday’s false reports by the Czech Television that in its negotiations on the radar the Czech Republic had come up with a request for modernization of its army by requesting two C-130 Hercules transport planes and improved anti-aircraft defence system. It was noted that the Czech negotiating position remains unchanged, i.e. the country is interested in scientific and industrial cooperation.

The State Security Council also discussed primarily a status report on internal security and public order in the territory of the Czech Republic in 2007 (as compared with 2006). It was emphasized that the security situation in the country is stabilized (2007 saw the fourth lowest number of offences committed in the past 10 years), while no terrorist threat had been detected. The key goal in this sphere is the ongoing reform of the Police of the Czech Republic.

The State Security Council has also approved the National Security Programme for the protection of civilian aviation against illegal acts and the Methodology to ensure the taking and distribution of blood transfusion preparations and blood derivatives for the needs of civilian and army medicine during large-scale urgent reception of injured people in case of emergencies. The Council also discussed reports on the activities of the National Security Office and the State Security Council for 2007.

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