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25. 1. 2008 11:53

Prime Minister discussed with the Minister of Justice

Prime Minister discussed with the Minister of Justice, presidents of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, the Supreme Prosecutor and other judicial representatives about key changes in laws. Changes in the Act on Courts and Judges and electronization of judiciary were the main topics of yesterday's meeting of Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek with the Minister of Justice Jiří Pospíšil and top representatives of the judiciary. The discussion also related to the new Criminal Code, Civil Code and Commercial Code. The participants agreed that the current reform of the judiciary proceeds in the right direction.

“The greatest attention at the meeting held last night in Hrzánský Palace was paid to removal of judiciary officials and to their time-limited mandate. Based on yesterday's discussion, I believe that the changes proposed by us have at this moment a great chance of success”, said the Minister Pospíšil in his comments on the meeting. The purpose of another amendment to the Act on Courts and Judges is to set a time limit of 7 years to the office term of the president and vice-president of the court. The office would be automatically renewed unless the party which has appointed the court official decides to terminate the office term. Such decision would be subject to review by administrative judiciary. The Minister of Justice wants to submit this Act to the government by the end of this year. Data boxes will simplify communication.

Another subject of the discussion was the proposal to establish a single electronic communication system. The relevant law has been prepared by the Ministry of the Interior in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice. The objective of this law is to established so-called data boxes for the purpose of communication of the authorities, courts and other institutions with the public and among themselves. In addition to these topics, the Prime Minister also talked with representatives of the judiciary about the Insolvency Act and electronic payment orders.

Jana Bartošová, spokesperson of the Czech Republic Government Office

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