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20. 9. 2008 10:44

September 20, 2008: Premier Awards Medals for Bravery to Czech Servicemen in Afghanistan

In Ostrava, the Czech Prime Minister today awarded five Karel Kramář medals for bravery to members of the Czech mission in Afghanistan. Two Czech servicemen who died in the mission received the medals in memoriam.

“Real heroes are not ostentatious. They are very modest men and women who are ready to do the right thing at the right moment. I take it as an honour that I could meet these people on several occasions in their areas of operations. And it is a great honour for me to award five combatants from Afghanistan with the Karel Kramář medals for bravery,“ said Czech Premier Mirek Topolánek during the NATO Days in Ostrava. 

The Premier awarded Warrant Officer Miroslav Lidimský, wounded in a SOG operation, and First Lieutenant Robert Chudý, seriously injured by a booby trap mine in the PRT Lóghar mission. Awards were also given to Warrant Officer Jiří Schams, seriously wounded in a SOG operation, who is still in a coma. His medal was received by his mother Jiřina Schamsová. 

The medals were also awarded in memoriam to Lieutenant Milan Štěrba, killed during a suicide attack in a SOG operation, the medal was received by Mrs. Soňa Štěrbová, and to Warrant Officer Radim Vaculík, killed by explosion of a booby trap mine during the PRT Lóghar mission, the medal was received by Mrs. Milena Vaculíková. 

After a minute of silence the Premier added: “In conclusion, I would like to say just two words. Two words addressed to the heroes and to their families: Thank you.“ In addition to the Karel Kramář medals, the Prime Minister awarded the members of the first PRT Loghár contingent with commemorative medals. 

Karel Kramář Medals – Prime Minister’s Award for Merits 

This commemorative medal presented by the Czech Premier is neither a distinction nor a material award but a symbol named after the first Czechoslovak Prime Minister Karel Kramář. The medals are bestowed by the Premier as a souvenir to people whom the Premier as a politician decides to thank for their demonstrable merits for the restoration of democracy, human rights and freedoms. Medals are awarded in compliance with the constitutional principles of the Czech Republic.

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