17. 12. 2014

Children accept awards from Prime Minister Sobotka for the best illustrations

The creative Christmas competition for children from orphanages with the the them Christmas Symbols, which was prepared by the Czech Government Office, has its winners.


  The awards for young artists were presented today at Prague’s Lichtenstein Palace by Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

The competition, which the Government Office has renewed after three years, saw entries of illustrations from more than 200 children from 55 orphanages from all over the Czech Republic. The most successful pictures were decided on by votes cast both by employees of the Government Office and by members of the general public via the internet. Of the nearly three thousand votes cast, the illustration with a Christmas theme from six-year-old Julius from the Jilemnice Orphanage received the most votes. That illustration will also be used in the Government Office’s official New Year’s card.

Winners of the Czech Government Office’s creative competition for 2014:

  1. Julius, age 6, from the Jilemnice Orphanage
  2. Lukáš, age 9, from the Opava Orphanage
  3. Nikolas, age 7, from the Jilemnice Orphanage
  4. Veronika, age 16, from the Sedloňov Orphanage
  5. Michala, age 10, from the Ústí nad Labem Orphanage

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