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18. 7. 201314:35

Government Mission – Service Values and Rules

At the Government’s first meeting, Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok presented the rules to be followed by members of his Cabinet in their everyday duties. These rules set out 15 points encompassing various legal, moral and ethical values related to the cooperation provided by each member of the Government and to the operation of the Cabinet as a whole in dealings with the public and the administration of the state.

1. Primacy of public interest:

2. Respect for freedom, morality, law and justice:

3. Prosperity, quality of life, sustainability and stability:

4. Respect for the truth:

5. Critical thinking:

6. Open-mindedness and creativity:

7. Expertise and quality:

8. Responsibility:

9. Courage:

10. Rules and principles:

11. Transparency:

12. Respect, trust and cooperation:

13. Empathy:

14. Contentment:

15. Drive and stamina: