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Policy Statement of The Government of The Czech Republic

1. Introduction

The Czech Government, formed by the common will of the Czech Social Democratic Party, the ANO 2011 Movement and the Christian Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party, presents itself to the Czech public and the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament convinced that it is seeking confidence built on a clearly communicated programme of new government policies.

The Government shall guide the Czech Republic, on the basis of a socially and environmentally oriented market economy, towards prosperity, and shall seek to maintain social cohesion in the country.

The Government shall promote an economic programme for the Czech Republic which is based on the support of entrepreneurship, efficient and transparent government, an efficient labour market, a sustainable pension system, social peace in society, and investment in education, science and research.

The Government shall engage in active social dialogue with social partners as a means of maintaining social peace and shall establish an effective system for the exchange of experience between the Government and social partners.

The Government shall actively strive to create conditions conducive to the adoption of the euro.

The Government shall strive to improve the quality of legislation. Citizens and their families should feel free and content in the Czech Republic and be proud of the country. Traders, entrepreneurs and companies should engage in business safely and freely, pay taxes and provide jobs in the Czech Republic. As a matter of priority, the state shall improve its own operations and, together with the implementation of the Civil Service Act, services for citizens, shall hold taxpayers in esteem, and shall avoid wastage in the redistribution of the taxes they have paid.

2. Government priorities

The Government shall promote the following priorities for the development of the Czech Republic:

In its activities, the Government shall strive for the substantive and temporal fulfilment of these priorities.

3. Ministerial priorities

Government policy shall be based strictly and entirely on the Coalition Agreement between the ČSSD, the ANO 2011 Movement and the KDU–ČSL for the 2013-2017 Electoral Term. Individual ministries shall pursue the following priorities in particular:

3.1 Ministry of Finance

3.2 Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

3.3 Ministry of Health

3.4 Ministry of the Environment

3.5 Ministry of Industry and Trade

3.6 Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

3.7 Science, Research and Innovation

3.8 Ministry of Transport

3.9 Ministry of Agriculture

3.10 Ministry of Culture

3.11 Ministry of Justice

3.12 Human Rights and Equal Opportunities

3.13 Ministry of Regional Development

3.14 Ministry of the Interior

3.15 Ministry of Defence

3.16 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

European Union

External policy