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10. 4. 201422:04

Premier Sobotka: The Czech Republic Will Continue to Uphold Its NATO Commitments

10 April 2014 – Earlier today, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka received NATO's Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen at the Straka Academy. During the meeting, the two politicians reflected on important moments of Rasmussen's tenure as NATO's leader, balanced the Czech Republic's NATO membership, and discussed current security issues.

Sobotka assured Rasmussen that the Czech Republic will continue to uphold its NATO-related commitments. The premier stressed that the new Cabinet's priorities include ensuring that the Czech Republic will remain a reliable and trustworthy ally, where the need to stabilize defense expenditures is regarded as an integral part of this objective.

In assessing the Czech Republic's NATO membership, Rasmussen valued the excellent work of Czech units on foreign missions, such as in Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Sobotka and Rasmussen also discussed the current situation in Ukraine and the illegitimate actions taken by Russia in this complicated matter. Sobotka stressed that the Czech Republic supports Ukraine's independence and territorial integrity and is prepared to take part in strengthening NATO-Ukraine relations.

The Czech government believes that the forthcoming NATO summit in Wales should focus on NATO's future following the end of the Afghanistan mission, the determining factor for allied activities in recent years, as well as the ramifications of the current developments in Ukraine. The summit should concentrate on specific measures that will strengthen collective defense. According to the Czech Cabinet, the event will send a clear signal confirming the commitment of North American allies to security on the European continent.