Press Advisories

2. 12. 201423:48

Prime Minister Sobotka spoke with Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz about strengthening cooperation between their two countries

On Tuesday 2 December 2014, Polish Prime Minister, Ewa Kopacz visited the Czech Republic. At a joint meeting with Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, the two leaders mainly discussed strengthening transport links between Poland and the Czech Republic and measures to improve air quality in the area of Polish Silesia and the Moravia-Silesian region.

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka stated that his government wishes to continue to consolidate its strategic partnership with Poland. In his view, the Czech Republic and Poland are one of the driving forces behind Central European regional cooperation.

He also emphasised the importance of the Visegrad group, which he regards as an excellent platform for the promotion of common interests within the European Union.

Both parties assured each other of the importance of their partnership and the subsequent deepening of cooperation.

A major topic involved the area of transport. Prime Minister Sobotka informed Prime Minister Kopacz, that the Czech government is making every effort to complete the construction of the D11 motorway from Prague to Hradec Králové and on to Jaroměř and Poland, so that both countries will be able to use this strategic infrastructure link.

Prime Minister Kopacz will again visit the Czech Republic in the spring of 2015, when there will be another round of Czech-Polish intergovernmental consultations.