Press Advisories

24. 2. 201720:41

The Office of the Government of the CR has entered into close professional collaboration with the Czech Academy of Sciences

On Friday 24 February 2017, the Director of the Office of the Government, Pavel Dvořák and the President of the Academy of Sciences of the CR, Jiří Drahoš, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Office of the Government of the CR and the Academy of Sciences of the CR in the Straka Academy, in the presence of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. The Memorandum sets out a framework for cooperation between the two state institutions, which are united in their interest in responsible political decision-making and the state’s ability to deal with current and future challenges.

One of the main benefits of the signed Memorandum is further improvements in the quality of the professional support accessed by the Office of the Government. Authorities and parliaments in other developed countries, for example our neighbour the Federal Republic of Germany, use similar scientific resources. By taking this step, the Office of the Government confirms the interest of the highest state agencies in making the most of scientific information to develop key concepts and legal standards. The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Parliament of the CR have concluded similar Memoranda of Cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the CR.