Press Advisories

8. 2. 201723:52

PM met with the Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, to discuss the situation in the region and humanitarian and military assistance

On Wednesday 8 February 2017, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka received the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, at the Straka Academy. They discussed the current state of the conflict with the so-called Islamic State and possible assistance from the Czech government to help stabilise the country.

of the conflict and of plans to stabilise the country. The Czech Republic is an active member of the coalition supporting Iraq in its fight against the Islamic State, with supplies of military material, and in rebuilding the country. It is also sending significant humanitarian aid. Prime Minister Sobotka assured Minister al-Jaafari that the Czech Republic supports Iraq and is prepared to continue providing assistance if it is needed by Iraq. They also assessed economic cooperation and its prospects. The CR supports a unified, stable and democratic Iraq and intends to participate in the country’s reconstruction once the conflict has ended.

A Czech field surgical team is currently working in Iraq, alongside an Aerospace Advisory Team, which is helping to train Iraqi pilots. The Czech Republic has also supplied the country with ammunition and L-159 planes. As well as humanitarian aid, it is also providing financial assistance. 1.4 million Euros (38 million CZK) were allocated to stabilising activities in Iraqi in 2016 alone. Czech companies have also participated in rebuilding the Iraqi oil industry.

The visit follows on from a visit by the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lubomír Zaorálek, to Iraq in the autumn of 2014 and is the first visit to the Czech Republic by an Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs since 2007.