Press Advisories

23. 1. 201821:07

The Prime Minister Babiš met representatives of diplomatic missions in the Czech Republic

On Tuesday, 23 January 2018, a traditional New Year meeting of the Prime Minister with the diplomatic corps took place in the Lichtenstein Palace. The Prime Minister Andrej Babiš assured the diplomats that the Czech Republic will continue to remain a reliable member of the international community and an active participant in the debate regarding the future of the European Union. The meeting was also attended by members of the government.

The Prime Minister Andrej Babiš introduced the main priorities of his government, which include, among other, promoting the economic growth with increased public investments and making the tax system more simple and electronic. The Prime Minister believes that ensuring the prosperity, improved security and rule of law to be the key priorities of the Czech foreign and more specifically the European policy.

“It is clear that the European Union must change to be able to respond better to the current and future challenges on both our continent, and globally. The Czech Republic actively participates in the reform effort to ensure that the EU will be able to respond better to the needs of its citizens. In order to keep the four freedoms we must focus on the protection of the EU’s external borders and on strengthening our internal security, among other, by improving our ability to face terrorism and hybrid threats,” said the Primes Minister Andrej Babiš.

At the same time, the prime minister Babiš noted that the Czech Republic supports the enlargement of the European Union to integrate the Western Balkans states and close cooperation of the European Union with countries of the Eastern Partnership. A strategic dialogue with the USA and Israel will remain a Czech priority. 

The Prime Minister assured the present representatives of the diplomatic corps that the Czech Republic will continue to make an active and reliable foreign policy anchored firmly in the membership in the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance, its tradition in supporting human rights and democracy in the world and proactive economic diplomacy.