Press Advisories

29. 6. 201820:18

President Miloš Zeman appointed members of a new government

The President of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman, appointed members of the new government on Wednesday, 27 June 2018, at the Prague Castle. After the appointment, the new cabinet of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš left for the Straka Academy to hold its first meeting.

The members of the new government took the oath in the Throne Hall and received their appointment letters from President Miloš Zeman.

“I promise to you and mainly to all citizens that our government will fight for security of our people, not only in this country, but in particular we will fight against illegal migration, we will fight for our interests in Europe. Our government will fight against corruption, against wastage, against bureaucracy. We want to have an effective state. Our government will do everything for our people to have a better life. The potential of our nation, our country, is huge and we are good enough to return to the top in Europe. Where we were in Masaryk’s times,” said Premier Andrej Babiš.

The appointed government members moved from the Prague Castle to the Straka Academy for their first meeting.