Press Advisories

7. 9. 201820:23

Andrej Babiš met with Indian President Ram Nath Kovind. They spoke about enhancing economic cooperation between Czechia and India

On Friday, 7 September 2018, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš met with the President of the Republic of India, Ram Nath Kovind. They discussed the strengthening of mutual economic cooperation, the issues of defence and security or the relations between India and the EU in connection with support for the free trade agreement. For the Czech Republic, India is one of the most important and strategic trade partners in Asia.

Premier Babiš talked with the Indian President about the possibilities of enhancing economic cooperation between the Czech Republic and India and also supported the effort to reinforce it in the context of relations between India and the European Union. He emphasised the importance of concluding a Free Trade Agreement between the EU and India, which is key for mutual investments between the Union member states and India. In connection with negotiating that Agreement, the Czech Premier spoke with the President of India also about the current trend of introducing protectionist measures in the international trade, which have an adverse effect not only on international exchange of goods, but also on foreign investments. India is an important trade partner for the Czech Republic especially in the area of automotive and heavy industry. The most significant Czech investments in India include Škoda Auto, Bonatrans, Technicoat, Tatra, Škoda Power, Vítkovice Machinery Group and other.

Another theme of the meeting was cooperation in defence and security. Czech companies trade with Indian firms in various industrial sectors (e.g. manufacture of heavy trucks, military hardware and material). India is an important partner for the Czech Republic also in nuclear energy. The topics of the meeting included the strengthening of tourism between the two countries and the possibility of a direct flight connection between Prague and Delhi.

The President of the Republic of India, Ram Nath Kovind, arrived in the Czech Republic upon the invitation of President Miloš Zeman. It is a state visit of the highest representative of India in the Czech Republic after more than twenty years.