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26. 4. 202117:50

Declaration of the Prime Ministers of the Visegrád Group

On Monday 26 April, the prime ministers of V4 countries held a videoconference meeting in response to the latest developments in the Vrbětice affair. The upshot of the online meeting was the adoption of a joint V4 declaration explicitly expressing solidarity with the Czech Republic.

Declaration of the Prime Ministers of the Visegrád Group on the solidarity with the Czech Republic regarding recent actions by the Russian Federation

We, the Prime Ministers of Poland, Hungary and Slovakia express full solidarity with our close partner and neighbor Czechia regarding the involvement of the Russian military intelligence operatives in the explosion at the Vrbetice ammunition depot in 2014.

We condemn this yet another deplorable act of aggression and breach of international law committed by Russia on European soil. We denounce the disproportionate measures taken by Russia in response to the entirely justified decision of the Czech Republic to expel 18 Russian intelligence officers from its territory and  offer our diplomatic and consular support to Czechia‎.
Together with the Prime Minister of Czechia we strongly condemn illegal and violent actions carried out by the Russian intelligence operatives. We will not allow these activities to divide Europe. Visegrád Group countries are determined to take measures together with fellow Member States of the European Union to reinforce our resilience.