5. 11. 202118:49

The Office of the Government organized its roundtable on the implementation of the National Reform Program 2021

On 5 November, the Office of the Government organized its annual roundtable on the implementation of the measures from the National Reform Program 2021. The roundtable was arranged in a hybrid way and was attended by the representatives of economic, social and regional partners and representatives of the civil service and European Commission.

The Report on the Implementation of the National Reform Program 2021 concludes the annual European semester cycle – the process of the EU economic and social policies and member states coordination. At the beginning of the roundtable, the general discussion focused on the report in relation to current economic policy and Czech National Recovery Plan. Participants discussed tax policy and the current state of public finances as well. Following discussion panels aimed the digital transformation, which is one of the government priorities. It is also illustrated by the fact that the Czech Republic seeks to draw financial funds for the digitalization support from the directly managed EU instruments - specifically in term of the current Technical Support Instrument (TSI) call, a number of the project requests were submitted in this area.

The debate followed with the detailed discussion over the reforms and public investments presented in particular chapters of the report. At the end of the roundtable, there was a presentation and subsequent discussion over three studies on the macroeconomic impacts of the EU structural funds and programs in the Czech Republic, realized as the part of their analytical activities by the Office of the Government.

After the incorporation of the written comments, the complete report will be presented to the cabinet for approval. Subsequently, the report will be sent to the European Commission, which will use it in the next European semester cycle.