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13. 10. 200815:54

October 13, 2008: Premier Agrees with Analysts: Financial Sector Is Sound

The financial sector in the Czech Republic is sound. That is the conclusion agreed upon today by Premier Mirek Topolánek with analysts from leading financial institutions. The Prime Minister is continuing a series of consultations on financial matters. The outcome of today’s meeting suggests that the Czech economy and its financial sector have a sound base. “If there are any impacts of the current situation on the world financial markets on our country, they will only be mediated. The Czech Government and the Central Bank have at their disposal sufficient instruments to maintain confidence and stability of the financial sector,“ says Premier Mirek Topolánek on the conclusions of today’s meeting. 

Commenting on the latest steps taken by the European governments prior to the forthcoming meeting of the European Council in Brussels, the participants attending the session noted that any loosening of the Stability Pact is undermining confidence in the Eurozone. Infringements of financial discipline are jeopardizing the long-term stability and credibility of the financial sector and the common currency project. They are also posing new questions concerning the time horizon for replacing the Czech crown with the euro. 

Today’s meeting with the Czech Prime Minister was attended by representatives of Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, Raiffeisen Bank, J&T Bank, Patria Finance, WOOD&Company, Atlantik FT and Cyrrus, Next Finance. 

Jana Bartošová, press spokesperson
of the Government of the Czech Republic