Press Advisories

1. 7. 20099:15

Conclusion of the Czech Presidency in the Garden of the Straka Academy

The Czech presidency was officially concluded yesterday in the presence of Primer Minister Jan Fischer and his predecessor Mirek Topolánek.

Jan Fischer and Mirek Topolánek said that the Czech presidency had been successful and thanked all those who took part in its realization.

Prime Minister Fischer commented on the demanding beginnings of the presidency when it was necessary to deal with a gas supply crisis and a conflict in the Gaza Strip.

"The presidency was special because on 1 January my predecessors did not have time to look around and fell straight into action. Meanwhile, the gas supply problem was knocking on Europe's door, and the Gaza conflict flared up. The presidency had to demonstrate its ability to stand at the helm of Europe and deal with these situations," said Fischer.

Further, the primer minister reflected on the Czech presidency, describing it as unusual, mainly because it was launched by a primer minister and a cabinet other than those who concluded the presidency term in June.

"I resolved to conclude the presidency with honor when I accepted the nomination for the head of the Czech cabinet, and I considered its completion the principal and most important part of my service," said Fischer. Subsequently, he wished the Swedish presidency success in fulfilling its priorities.

After Jan Fischer's speech, Mirek Topolánek mentioned the contribution of the current prime minister and thanked him for the successful completion of the Czech presidency.

"The Czech Republic has shown that we always have something special. It is only possible in Prague that the concluding speech is given by two persons who have taken part in the presidency, which I think is a contribution we have brought to Europe. This knowledge is something that Europe might not have deserved," said Mirek Topolánek.

Mirek Topolánek concluded that the Czech presidency's "Europe without Barriers" motto had been fulfilled.

Sweden will take over the presidency of the EU Council from the Czech Republic today. Its priorities include fighting the consequences of the economic crisis and climate changes.