Press Advisories

14. 7. 201016:29

The Nečas Government's First Day

Petr Nečas inaugurates 9 ministers today

Outgoing Prime Minister Jan Fischer today inaugurated his successor, Petr Nečas, at the government's offices on the Edvard Beneš waterfront in Prague. His cabinet was named today by President Václav Klaus.

At a brief press briefing, incoming Prime Minister Petr Nečas thanked Janu Fischerovi and his colleagues for their work. At the same time he recalled that the task they had in the period of the economic crisis was very difficult. "I would like to thank you and to say that you are leaving with your heads held high and with honour," Nečas said.

Outgoing Prime Minister Jan Fischer wished his successor great success, strong nerves and the fulfilment of all the programme priorities, which the country strongly needs. At the same time, he congratulated all the ministers of the Nečas government on being named to their posts today.

One the programme of the government's first meeting which followed were mainly organisational issues, such as the government's rules of order and the date of the cabinet's next meeting.

Prime Minister Nečas continued introducing individual ministers into their functions. He began by introducing Jiří Pospíšil to the cabinet of the chairman of the Government Legislative Council, where he was greeted by its head until now, Pavel Zářecký.

On 13 July at the Czernin Palace with Nečas present, Jan Kohout inaugurated Karel Schwarzenberg in his position as the new deputy prime minister and foreign minister. At the Defence Ministry, outgoing minister Martin Barták greeted Alexander Vondra, and the Interior Ministry will today be ceremonially handed over to Radek John, who is also a deputy prime minister. Education, Youth and Physical Education Minister Miroslava Kopicová inaugurated her successor into his position. Outgoing Culture Minister Václav Riedlbauch will this afternoon inaugurate Jiří Besser and Petr Šimerka will be greeted at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs by Jaromír Drábek. Aside from his position as chairman of the Government Legislative Council, Jiří Pospíšil will be inaugurated by Daniela Kovářová into the position of justice minister with Prime Minister Nečas present. Today the last minister who will be ceremonially welcomed in his ministry's building will bePavel Drobil, who is expected by outgoing Environment Minister Rut Bízková at the building in Prague's Vršovice district.

Petr Nečas was named prime minister by President Klaus on 28 June, when at the same time he was entrusted with naming his cabinet. The inauguration of other members of Nečas' cabinet is planned for tomorrow.