Press Advisories

3. 5. 2021

The Government Discussed a Proposal for the Next Phase of Loosening Anti-Epidemic Measures from 10 May

From Monday, 10 May, all the remaining retail segments and most of the services closed so far will be able to open. In other regions, pupils and students will return to schools, and it will be possible to take off the masks and respirators outdoors if only two people are on site. Proposals for changes to the extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health were discussed by the government of Andrej Babiš at a meeting on Monday, 3 May 2021, and their final form will be approved on Thursday.


29. 4. 2021

From Monday, Children in Three Other Regions and in Prague will Return to Schools and Kindergartens, the Government Agreed

From Monday, 3 May, pupils and students in six regions and in the capital city of Prague will be able to return to full-time classes in a rotary manner. The extension of the originally approved list of regions in which milder epidemiological rules for school attendance and some other activities will be set was approved by the government of Andrej Babiš at a meeting on Thursday, 29 April 2021.


26. 4. 2021

Hairdressers and other body care services will open on 3 May, more pupils will return to schools in three regions

On Monday, 3 May, hairdressers, pedicurists or beauty parlours will be allowed to reopen across the country. Moreover, in the Karlovy Vary, the Hradec Králové and the Plzeň Regions, schools will open on a weekly rotational basis and subject to epidemic control measures for pupils in the lower level of six-year or eight-year grammar schools, pupils of the first four grades of the eight-year conservatory educational programme and pupils of upper primary schools. The relevant changes in the extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health were discussed by Andrej Babiš’s government at its meeting on Monday, 26 April 2021.


26. 4. 2021

Declaration of the Prime Ministers of the Visegrád Group

On Monday 26 April, the prime ministers of V4 countries held a videoconference meeting in response to the latest developments in the Vrbětice affair. The upshot of the online meeting was the adoption of a joint V4 declaration explicitly expressing solidarity with the Czech Republic.


22. 4. 2021

The Government Has Discussed a Plan for Further Restriction Lifting, Which Will Depend on the Number of Newly Infected Cases in the Population

The key to further restriction easing in the Czech Republic, which is now still limited due to the ongoing epidemic of covid-19, will be the incidence of new cases per 100,000 people in seven days. The scenario of a further action was discussed by Andrej Babiš’s Cabinet at an extraordinary meeting on Thursday, 22 April 2021.


19. 4. 2021

The government extended the Antivirus programme, and approved the National Strategy for Countering Hybrid Action

The targeted programme supporting employment, called Antivirus, will be extended until the end of May based on a decision of Andrej Babiš’s government of Monday, 19 April 2021. The cabinet also discussed the current security situation and approved the National Strategy for Countering Hybrid Action.


12. 4. 2021

Government extended the guarantee scheme for firms; the State will subsidise children's groups and labs sequencing coronavirus strains

At the time of the coronavirus epidemic, the State will provide firms with guarantees on loans for investments. Andrej Babiš's cabinet approved extending the current Covid III scheme at its meeting on Monday, 12 April 2021. It also agreed with opening a subsidy scheme to support children's groups, and with the State paying labs for sequencing SARS-CoV-2 samples for the presence of new mutations.


6. 4. 2021

The state of emergency to end on Monday, some restrictions will be lifted, first children back in schools and nurseries

On Sunday, at 24:00, the state of emergency will end in the Czech Republic. At its meeting on Monday, 6 April 2021, Andrej Babiš's government approved a series of extraordinary measures which will be introduced by the Ministry of Health as epidemic control based on the Pandemic Act. Many changes will be made to the current measures - children obligated with pre-school education and pupils of lower primary schools can return to schools under the condition of regular testing, free movement restrictions will end and the rules for retail and services will be changed partially.


26. 3. 2021

Important covid-19 measures for foreigners

Important information regarded covid-19 measures for people coming to the Czech Republic.