Press Advisories

20. 11. 2020

Cabinet Extends State of Emergency until 12 December 2020. Some Restrictions to Be Eased Starting on Monday.

The state of emergency in the Czech Republic will for now be extended until 12 December 2020. Acting based on prior approval given by the Chamber of Deputies, Andrej Babiš's Cabinet imposed the extension during an extraordinary session held on Friday 20 November 2020. At the same time, several changes regarding formerly adopted emergency measures will take effect on Monday 23 November 2020, partially easing some of the imposed restrictions.


16. 11. 2020

Government proposes extending state of emergency until 20 December, minimum wage should increase by 600 crowns

The Government has asked the Chamber of Deputies to agree with the extension of the state of emergency for another 30 days, i.e. until 20 December. The Cabinet has also approved increasing the minimum wage to 15 200 crowns and to extend some of the measures against the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. The Ministers also decided to support the laid-off employees of Sokolovská uhelná.


9. 11. 2020

Government to involve additional soldiers in helping handle COVID-19 pandemic, state to purchase more protective equipment

As many as 900 soldiers will be able to get involved in assisting healthcare facilities and social care homes. The cabinet of Andrej Babiš decided on increasing this number at talks on Monday 9 November 2020. It also approved increasing the state stores of protective equipment and several legislative changes related to addressing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


4. 11. 2020

Prime Minister Babiš discussed coronavirus with Minister President of Bavaria Söder

On Wednesday, 4 November 2020, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš had a videoconference with Minister President of Bavaria Markus Söder to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.


3. 11. 2020

Government to send social services staff three million respirators

At an extraordinary session on Tuesday, 3 November 2020, Andrej Babiš’s government approved the provision of three million FFP2 respirators from the state’s material reserves to staff of residential social services and care services. The respirators will be provided free of charge. A million pairs of protective gloves are to be sent to French health workers to help with the coronavirus pandemic.


2. 11. 2020

Government discussed the regular testing of clients and employees of social care institutes, professional athletes can start training

Clients and employees of homes for seniors and the disabled, respite care and long-term care facilities will have to undergo regular testing for the Covid-19 disease. At the government meeting on Monday, 2 November 2020, the government approved their regular testing using antibody tests. It also passed a change to the crisis measures to enable training and, under strict conditions and the approval of hygienic stations, games for professional athletes.


30. 10. 2020

Government extends state of emergency and all current crisis measures until 20 November

State of emergency in the Czech Republic to remain in force until 20 November. Based on the earlier consent of the Chamber of Deputies, the Government at an extraordinary meeting on 30 October 2020 has decided on an extension of three weeks. At the same time, with minor changes and additions, it has also extended all the crisis measures that were due to expire on Tuesday, 3 November.